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Inner saboteurs


Self sabotage can sometimes come up. As you will experience, when there is a group ....all with same intention which is growth. .. energy expands. 

...Energy management

I want to give you some tools when you will come up against you will too. 

Growth comes  from reconginising your woundings. Now I dont like calling it healing. I belive we are all perfectly imperfect right now. We are exploring our own life through our unique experience. And there is absolute magic in that. I dont think you need healing. You just need to get deep into  yourself. and have a look at what is holding you back. BEcuase when we come and embody our physical body we gather things to us. from the minute we were born. WE gather subconsicous perspectives about who we are and what life is and our job is we expand and explore what of(or we could be is to untangle all of these disfunctional woundings and take it back to the original quality we can live . Now I hope that makes sense. 

Lets talk about that is going to happen when you want to expad. 

When you do want to expand. Your physical body knows everything about you. It is stored all of the information of your life within you. And whenever danger comes preceived danger all my godness me change then your body is going to start acting out that is the gut feeling. Now lots of people say I follow my gut I follow my gut but I am going to invite you not to. When your gut feeling comes in it is telling you to stop. And stopping is not what we want. What we want is bravery and courage. So when you feel your body acting up you need to understand that your body that is addicted to the past, you are connected to the past kind of warning you you are about to grow. Now your gut feeling and your intuitive voice - kind of work together and against each other as well. And that's when we can sabotage ourselves. Which is probably going to happen to you, it is still happens to me.. 

..connection calls...

So self sabotage happens in all sorts of different ways. Yes, your gut feeling can make you really afraid, can make you anxious and it can stop you. You can procrastinate. Is this perfect? No, it will never be perfect. But eighty percent done is good enough. Oh my gosh, it was a full moon so I didn't do it. Oh my gosh this famous atrologist told me it wasn't a good time for me oh my gosh I was really very tired.¨

All of these different things are different ways to self sabotage yourself. (Now, you have been introduced to your EGo already.( Ego AND spiritual-higher self. And I call it ego shadow. Your shadow holds all of the information of your life in you and it is derided often  I also like your shadow I like your ego because ego shadow is very masculine energy and we often need focus and we need determination, we need to feel safe in our own enviroment and it's what divine masculine energy gives us.  

NEVER EVER avoid looking at your ego like ...great metaphor - if you play a chess you do not avoid your oppemnet you study them deeply and kind of actually ok to have ego. 

I mean ego and shadow give in a /us a back/bad rip? It's dangerous, it stops you, it's fearful OK but only if you have that perception of it. I have to have an ego as a human being otherwise we wouldnˇt survive here. And we have to get up, we have to get dressed. We actually have to go and do things - to create.


Ego is very valuable. As long as it doens take over. Higher self is very valuable, it knows everything about your life, everything about your path. But if you spend your whole life sitting with your angels and your personal guides, waiting for them to give you information, you will be waiting for a very long time for anything to happen. So we have to find this balance between the two.

And I find there are 4 general archetypes that hold us back.
The saboteur. which is easy to see. 
The Victim. which is ease to feel. 
The inner child which is often where most of our woundings are. The root of our woundings because we are vulnerable from  the age of birth particularly up to seven. .. there were lots of things and the environment we find ourselves in often is not doesnˇt give us what we need. We build believes along our life / over the life.. we are not good enough. We're not heard, we're not seen. Who am I?  I am too much. All of these different things. Inner child is something that is  held in the shadow, held with the ego and I invite you to explore it fully. And then we have very interesting energy called the prostitute. But it is not about sex. It is about overgiving, it is about not behaving? yourself. It is about giving without receiving. 

Now. All of these different archetypes are generalised. You will have your own individual ones. And any sort of exploration of your own self any expansion comes with needing to look into your shadows. To look at what your ego is doing in order to hold you back, to keep you safe. Ultimately, there are three different survival mechanisms. Which is fight, flight and freeze. Freeze is not often talked about but freeze is when you had experince that your subconcsious mind seriously cannot manage so it locks it down and ultimately nothing happens, you just get frozen within your unconsious mind. And then as you got carried on through  life triggers will come that will evoke the memory. Somehow, someway and you freeze again and you freeze again, freeze again. And this is one the biggest saboteurs. It is when you can see yourself a year away or three months away on the other side of probably a big learning curve. But then you freeze, you stop and you don't. 

What happens is all sorts of other things become very important in your life there will be drama or crisis or relationship problems or one of your kids will get ill or your car will blow a tire when you have to spend money on getting your car fixed. This is all tied up to the saboteur and unconsious, hidden believes. Now I don 't want to go big down deep into them today because they are unique to each of you. They take a little bit of looking at. You have to recognise what its there, you have to accept it and then you have to understand the needs that were not met. When that particular trigger, trauma, challenge was first layed down and then you have to integrate and harmonise and behave differently, think differently. So it is a spiral process. 


Wherever you are, there is always more. You have to keep refreshing the big picture of your life. Think bigger. That is perhaps oversaid but I can't tell you it is never overdone. Always move your vision wider and ahead. It is always going to be slightly out of reach which is good. ok. We want to be slightly out of reach because it brings a momentum to our lif and it allows us to continue to explore all that we can be. 

When you have that bigger wider vision, notice your doubts. All of them. And it is good time to write them down. I mean if you have spent some time exploring what worry that you would be known for/is what you will have be known for perhaps the doubts that are coming, write them down over a period of couple of weeks, every day and see what it is that what you have as a main thing and it gives you chance to have a look at it.

And reframe those doubts . So your doubts, you are lying to yourself, they are lies. They are not real. They are perceptions. and You get the chance to reframe them into something positive, ok? Then when you have found your doubts,  giving yourself a chance to reframe them,/you gave chance to reframe them, you've got to take aligned action. Now don 't mean busy action. I mean strategic, aligned action. And that action usually comes with that quiet calm voice of your higher self. Which is go on then. It is never uáááá in your guts. If it is in your guts then it is you being stopped. And I invite you to go back. Look again at your doubts, look again and reframe them and then find courage to move forward with that quiet voice that says you can. These 4 things they sound simple. They are simple. But you have also different levels to them. that You will explore. 

If we want to repeat them, just one word:
Step 1 - bigger picture
Step 2 - recognise your doubts
Step 3 - reframe them
Step 4 - take aligned action

It is always good to look at or hear it from different perspective. Sometimes we look for a magic pill. This is a magic pill if there is any, right?

I honestly believe there is no new information. But it is the delivery that resonates with you that helps you. It comes out individually. You know the informatin that comes is said in many many times, in many  different ways. From heart of someone that absolutely believes in it and that is the energy that will connect with you if it is for you. 

One day it simply clicks! And the change is instant! Enjoy the process! earthquake, vibrations,